Greeting! Welcome to my site! I was born in Apatin in 1991, where I began my music education, and then continued in Novi Sad and Belgrade, where I graduated from the Music Academy and earned the title of "Master Music Artist - Clarinetist". However, I have been constantly expanding my field of work within music, even from the earliest times, by realizing that for me personally, raw academicism in music is not enough for me to express myself. From the end of elementary school, I started playing guitar, acoustic and electric, as well as bass guitar, and singing my favorite songs. I found inspiration in rock, blues, jazz and pop music while I was studying classical music. In high school, I expressed my passion by playing in a band, and that experience inspired and motivated me to start writing my own music, as well as lyrics. After studying, I had a big desire to record my songs in the studio and experience that creative process as well. Needless to say, working in a music studio is an expensive sport, but I decided to turn that shortcoming into my potential, so I started learning about music production on my own, using all the possible sources and advice from friends I had available. After 4-5 years of work and study, I recorded my first album on my own, which I am immensely proud of. The album contains my songs and compositions, lyrics and arrangements. My music reflects a very broad influence of genres that I have merged into my (hopefully) unique sound, and I continue to experiment in that direction while working on new projects. Precisely because of that diversity, I called the album "Stained Glass (Vitraž in Serbian)" because the whole sound reminded me of the bright colors and parts that make up a stained glass work of art. In addition to all the above, I also work as a musician in the field of classical music in chamber ensembles and orchestras, as a studio musician, a member of other bands, as well as a producer and arranger.

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